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Founded in the year 2001, id8 media solutions contexted its journey with founder Tanya Swetta at the helm. Young & courageous Tanya seized each opportunity to develop staggering Public Relations campaigns that delivered record-breaking results making id8, the agency of choice. In 2008, Aman Swetta took a Joint Management control of id8 along with Tanya Swetta to take the agency to new heights. Aman is a media & communication maven and an outward facing futurist who sees the future of marketing & communication be an integrated model. Under his foresight, id8 developed new divisions of Creatives & Communications, to deliver new and untold stories with integrated marketing communications model.

The success of id8’s campaigns actuated a raft of multiple projects, giving rise to a renowned agency offering 360 degree marketing & communication solutions. With a wide range of our state-of-the-art  brand solutions, we help our clients promote their brands nationally and internationally. We offer a complete suite of brand management services including PR services, Creative and Advertising solutions, Digital & Social Media services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Management (SEM), Television, Filming and Production services, Internal Communication Management, Marketing services, Website Development, App Development, Event Management and much more.

We are skilled in providing end-to-end marketing services which begin with strategic evaluation of the technical and operational aspects of your business followed by the implementation and execution of our strategies and keep the ball rolling there on. Having a deep routed understanding of media and marketing know-how and expertise in executing stellar campaigns for brands across all the major industry verticals, we have transformed brands by giving them an original and iconic personality which helped differentiating themselves from the clutter of clones in the market. Our strategies are based on the underlying factor that cost and return on investment are the key results that we need to deliver to our partners. We laid a solid and principled foundation for ourselves in the communication industry to become what we are today. Today, after providing unmatched service for close to 2 decades in the competition with a 100% success rate, we are constantly growing with over 60 professionals from our eight service hubs.

While the globe is becoming a smaller space with innovations in technology and communication, we are constantly reinventing the wheel in our ecosystem to align with the everchanging algorithms of our ecosystem and encourage a forward momentum for brands across the board. Our strategies are extraordinary when necessary, subtle when appropriate, adaptable wherever and whenever. If you ask who are we? We are your everyday superheroes with an eye for exceptional. We are your extended marketing and communications arm.


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