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Lifestyle PR

What is Lifestyle PR?


Simply put, “Lifestyle” often describes the way one lives on a day to day basis. Lifestyle PR is the art of promoting the products and services that influence the way you live life.  It is the practice of creating content that attracts a consumer’s interest and lifestyle and publishes it across the various communication mediums. This form of PR encompasses a host of segments ranging from jewellery, design to wellness and much more.


Why Choose us?


Finding an experienced PR service provider is no easy feat. But, fret not when it is id8!

We are an established PR service agency who believe in ethical work based on integrity, dedication and client satisfaction. Public Relations in the Lifestyle category is what we live for! At id8, we offer a perfect blend of creative and experienced individuals who can not only take care of your brand’s health but can take it to a whole new level. We are one of the finest lifestyle PR agencies in India after all.