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Fashion PR

What is Fashion PR?


It’s the impression of your brand that your audience remembers when they think of your styles. If you have a good fashion sense to offer but you fail to nail a distinct brand identity in the market, most certainly your product is not going to work.


Fashion Public Relations is the practice of developing and implementing strategic communications across various public communication channels between fashion brands and people in order to increase the brand awareness which promotes the growth in sales volumes. In layman’s terms, we enhance the look of fashion companies to the people, just as fashion brands enhance the look of the people.


Why choose us?

Our philosophy and work ethic is based on integrity, dedication and client satisfaction. Plus we absolutely love fashion! At id8, one of the finest fashion PR agencies in Mumbai, we employ a dedicated staff of more than 20 young professionals whose energy and love for fashion is reflected in their work.

To add on, we have a widespread network across the Bollywood industry which enhances the productivity to a great extent. We also hold the honour of styling the top gorgeous personalities in Bollywood & collaborate with the best fashion designers in the country. We have a combination of best PR services in place to give you a cut above the rest.


Want to put your brand on a runway to success? Rest assured, when its id8.