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Have a great product but no network?

We at id8 are armed with a magnitude of marketing services to take your brand to its marketplace. We offer you a host of options like:

  • Sponsorship – In the marketing arena, sponsorship is the next big thing because of its upscaling acceptance. Sponsorship is the financial or in-kind support activity, primarily used to expand the brand awareness. Sponsorship is a promotional activity, which helps you find unlimited opportunities to broaden your competitive edge by enhancing your credibility, image and prestige.


  • Strategic Alliances – Ever visited a restaurant and discovered about a great deal going on at a florist’s shop and vice versa? When two businesses are not competing with each other, they can always leverage each other’s potentiality to increase each other’s sale. With the extensive network in our trove, we help you make strategic alliances with other businesses and mutually help to increase each other’s sales.


  • Direct & Indirect Marketing – Get the best of both worlds! We help you with the best combination of the marketing mix for your brand including direct and indirect strategies and give your brand the flair of 360-degree marketing. With our right marketing strategy, we help you take your brand to the right person, at the right time, at the right place.


  • Endorsements – The best way of promoting your brand. Here, you make celebrities, bloggers, sports person or a social worker be the spokesperson for your brand and endorse what your brand claims. People usually reach out to the reviews before buying the product and when they hear positive reviews, exponential growth becomes the only result.


  • Institutional Marketing – Want large institutions to hear about your product or service? Id8 media solutions offer a robust corporate marketing outreach to our ever-growing list of corporate partners. We use innovation in marketing and approach so as to derive a positive result for you.


  • Influencer Marketing – Looking to invite guests to your event; out of your usual sphere? With the connection to our extensive network and business expertise, we have a set of guest databases ready for your event. We help you save your valuable time and resources by working as an integral team and extended the arm of your business. With our genuine databases, we invite attendees to your events as per your requirements.


  • Branding – Is your branding process stagnant beyond a logo or some graphic element? It is probably time to gear up and initiate the core process of your business – Branding! It comprises showcasing various facets of your business right from your website, logo, to your social media experiences, the way your staff acknowledges a customer and so much more to your target market. A good brand doesn’t happen overnight. It is a strategically thought out branding plan that emerges an entity into a good brand.