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WHY id8


Id8 media solutions is a full-service brand consulting firm headquartered in Mumbai with branches in Delhi, Pune, Bangalore & New York with clients across the globe. We have a deep-rooted understanding of creating unique experiences for brands, products and individuals to differentiate themselves in a cluttered marketplace through the tool of effective and focused communication. As a trusted luxury brand consultants in Mumbai, we offer one-of-its-kind strategic solutions to promote your brand nationally and internationally.

At id8, we believe in analytical intelligence with a perfect balance of emotional mix. We derive our functional experts from within the sphere of our intellectual ecosystem who bring out the best results for a client. Our team is goal oriented and has over a decade of experience in different segments of the economy at large. Today, we are a renowned PR and Marketing agency in the market, after nearly two decades of providing solutions in Design, Creative and Advertising, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Film & Television and Internal Communication Management.

Throughout this evolution, our fascination of innovating new ways to deliver targeted, immersive experiences remains our driving force.

The ID8 EDGE –

There’s no formula for game change. So for each assignment, we build the right team for our 8 service hubs. We add in experts from our ecosystem – from the best specialists in the industry. Then we mould and transform the project around you.

Game change is a product of collaboration. We value the journey, as well as the destination.

We work for you, by working with you!